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It is with a heavy heart that I announce the upcoming closure of the current brick + mortar version of The Haymaker Shop.

After many sleepless nights, more restless days, and much soul searching, I have decided not to renew our lease at 5507 N. Clark St.

Thus, we will be closing our doors for good on Sunday, February 2.

Yes, after almost 3 years, we will be moving on; but Haymaker is not finished by any means. I have many ideas + aspirations for the brand, for future retail iterations, for collaborations, for projects both known and unknown.

A few reasons we are closing :

1) Lease Issues

The landlord originally wanted to double my rent; I was able to negotiate it down to a mere 40% increase.

But then I was offered no more than a 1-year extension because they plan to sell the building.

I decided I could not accept both the large increase in rent and the instability of a 1-year lease within a building up for sale.

2) Market Changes

The "locally-made" competition has arrived and continues to expand; the specialty of what I created has been diluted.

Multiple weekend markets + pop-up shops have come on the scene; the retail landscape has changed.

3) Progression

I have decided that I need to move forward in the brand's evolution -- challenge my view, address market needs, solve new problems.

A few things to say :

1) Success

Sales + profits have steadily increased since we opened on June 1, 2011. But Haymaker has been much more than a financial success.

We are proud to have helped raise awareness for local makers; we are proud to have helped educate consumers in the value of handmade; we are proud to have contributed to a new aesthetic, a new design vernacular, a new retail experience.

2) Thanks

The word-of-mouth, the personal referrals, the local/national/international press -- these have all been vital to our success.

So thank you to all who sent your friends + family + colleagues. Thank you to all who wrote about us, talked about us, blogged about us, read about us.

3) More Thanks

Most importantly... the support we have received from our customers, our devoted fans, our community of makers, our neighborhood, our city... it has been simply amazing. In fact, unexpectedly amazing. I cannot thank you all enough.

So many people rallied around our goal, our mission, our aesthetic, our direction, our makers, our energy.

A sincere, heartfelt thanks goes out to each and every single one of you.

A few things with regards to the coming weeks :

1) Again, our last day will be Sunday, February 2.

2) Every 3-day weekend (Fri/Sat/Sun) until Feb. 2nd we will be open to the public and having our Last Days Clearance Events.

Everything is at least 25% off / many items are marked down even more.

And there will be random items brought out from storage and from my personal collection. Also, store displays/supplies will be for sale.

3) All Tuesdays through Thursdays from 3 pm to 7 pm will be for customer appointments, doorbell entry, and industry/retail/design buyers. Please call or email ahead of time during these days to make sure we are here for you; or just ring the doorbell and see if we are.

4) But yes... we will be open every Friday, Saturday, + Sunday from here until the end. Wheelin' + dealin' + sayin' our goodbyes.

5) So come on, let's make this last month count! Get out + support our wonderful collection of Chicago + Midwest makers while you can!

(All of this is subject to slight change, so stay tuned.)

Again, thank you all for your support, your friendships, your warmth, your energy, your kind words, your business.

This mission, this store -- they have long been dreams of mine, so it is not something I am letting go of just yet. But it is time to move on to the next stage, whatever that may be.

Of course I will be updating everyone with regards to that in the coming weeks + months, as well as updating clearance event details and how we are celebrating along the way!

Yep, this is not a funeral or a sad occasion -- this is change, this is excitement, this is newness! It is not a period at the end of the sentence; I consider it some ellipses going forward...

Thanks again everyone, and talk soon!
-- Arrin Williams, owner

One more time... let's make this last month count! Get out + support our wonderful collection of Chicago + Midwest makers while you can!

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